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Custom Lens Etching
  • Custom Lens Etching

    CUSTOM: Want to make your custom headlight build turn heads?!

    Personalized projectors!

    Adding a custom lens etching to your build really makes it stand out.


    OUTPUT: No, the image won't be projected out onto the road like the Bat Signal! We will automatically size the artwork to ensure it has no noticeable effects on the light output or overall performance (or in most cases none at all) So if light output is just as high on your priority list as-is looking good, you don't have to worry!


    PERMANENT: With our multi-step process, the image is permanently etched into the backside of your projector lenses. It will never discolor, fade, or fall off. Not that any of that's even possible, but they're guaranteed to look good for as long as you own em!


    Be sure to send us a photo of the design you want etched.


    Standard: Pony, Cobra Snake, SVT, etc.

    Custom: Honeycomb, Intricate and New Designs.



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