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2010-2014 Mustang Headlights
  • 2010-2014 Mustang Headlights

    What's Included? PAIR of 2013-2014 Mustang Headlights that will fit any Mustang 2010-2014. These are a direct plug and play replacement for your Mustang if it is equipped with factory halogen headlights. 


    EASY INSTALL: These lights are designed to work on your Mustang without any modifications. There are only three connectors that are simply plug n play with the factory wiring. One for the low and high beam, one for the turn signal bulb, and one for the DRL

    DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHT: Their LED daytime running light is insanely bright, easily visible during the day. 

    OEM GRADE: They use the same OEM-grade housing that won't fade or yellow over time.

    PERFORMANCE: These headlights have a powerful, wide, and bright Halogen low beam/ high beam projector. Although we do recommend the LED conversion upgrade.

    STREET LEGAL:  They exceed all SAE and DOT regulations when aimed properly... which is very easy to do using the adjuster screw on the back of the housing.

    FACELIFT: If your lights are old, faded, yellow, etc. Its time you upgrade to a set of headlights that give your car a brand new appreance and performance! Plus SAVE $1,000+ over the price of OEM Ford headlights.


    Warranty: These headlights are backed by our standard / worry-free 1 year warranty. Although you can extend the warranty for 2 more years for $75

      $455.00 Regular Price
      $425.00Sale Price
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