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05-09 Mustang

05-09 Mustang

SW Lights offers a wide range of options that will really make your stand out from the rest!

We start with high quality components, paint, and most importantly, a headlight housing that will last for many years to come, we then perform the neccesary procedures using high quality tools to retrofit our impresive HID projectors inside the headlights.


You'll come to love the look of these our custom headlights on your Mustang due to their distinct appearance which really transforms your front end! Last but not least, these HID Projector Headlights have insanely impressive light output. Our lights will allow you to see the road ahead of you safely at over 250ft of High Intensity light. 


Our headlights are built per customer request. There are no refunds on our custom headlights because each build is very different from one another.
All our headlights are backed by an industry leading 1-year warranty! That covers every single part inside the headlight for 1-full year.

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