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99-06 Toyota Tundra Projector Retrofit Headlights
  • 99-06 Toyota Tundra Projector Retrofit Headlights

    We start with the highest quality components with our Projector Retrofit Headlights. These lights are custom built to your order specficiations, meaning they take a couple weeks to finalize. (Expedited builds can be done if you are in a rush.)


    We use the best brands in the industry to ensure you have  long lasting, high-performance, and incredible looking headlights for years to come.

    Our headlights carry a Lifetime Warranty on Paint, 5 year warranty on components, and 1 year warranty on the entire headlight itself.


    Not only do these lights look incredible, but their performance is unbeatable Your stock lights are good for maybe 60ft of usable output. These projector retrofit headlights are good for 250+ft.


    Don't settle, get the best in the industry!


    Contact us today.


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