Projectors are the most important piece in achieving high performance light output from you car.
We use a pair of brand new high quality American made housings.
Perfectly retrofitted by our skilled team in California, USA.

Retrofits are built per customer request. No refunds on custom retrofits.
Build time is a little over 2 weeks

99-04 Mustang Projector Headlights

Projector Shroud Paint
Headlight Bucket Paint
  • Includes brand new mustang headlight housings, projectors, and shrouds. Perfect to save money if you have your HIDs already. Plug and play HIDs can be added to your order. A projector upgrade is available as well to get the most out of your build, opt for the Morimoto MH1 v.7 for insane precision and brightness out of your HIDs. They are available on the storefront.