By upgrading to a Clear Reflector swap by SW Lights, you will transform the front of your Sierra! This simple mod packs a drastic change to the overall appearance of your truck.

Nothing is worse than having a completly custom truck but still having the stock amber reflectors in place.


This service requires the customer to send their headlights in to our Fullfillment Center located at 4774 Park Granada #8643, Calabasas, CA 91372

Once we recieve the lights, the tedious process begins, First we remove the lens, remove all factory installed Permaseal, insure headlight glue channels are clean and straight, remove the factory reflector and install the new Clear reflectors. Once that is finished we reinstall all the headlight internals and button everything back together. We reaseal everything with Morimoto resealing glue to ensure these headlights will be safe from the weather for years to come.

We include a 1-year warranty with this service.

2014+ GMC Sierra Reflector Swap

Reflector Option